Kiddy Phoenix Pro Rumba

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This product is the 2 brand.

The Phoenix Pro builds on the success of the Kiddy Infinity Pro and the Kiddy Energy Pro taking safety and comfort a step forward. In terms of safety, the seat has excellent side-collision protection and good front-end crash protection. In the case of a crash from the front, less mass is moving forward, which means your child is exposed to lower acceleration forces. The innovative and improved side impact protection system buffers all around your child and are key to providing excellent side impact protection. Using Kiddy’s impact shield aids in the reduction of serious neck injury by dispersing the energy in the event of a crash. The Kiddy Phoenix Pro is not only extremely safe it is also very comfortable with Thermotex breathable fabrics, so whether its hot or cold your child will be comfortable. The head support is excellent as it is quite a tall seat larger children will be just as comfy. The intelligent lightweight design of the Kiddy Phoenix Pro makes it easy to transfer between cars with its easy install and strap.

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Price is £119.99
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